Optimising IT processes

For years, IT processes have been put to the test, and through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and chatbots, the topic is now climbing up the agenda. It offers advantages in terms of quality, speed and costs.

The optimisation of IT processes and their automation are currently in vogue; after all, processes are essential for success and perception of the IT organisation. The whole situation can be a tightrope walk: Sometimes the requirements are not met, sometimes the IT department overshoots the target. The problem is that most IT services do not consist of a collection of isolated processes, but of a balanced process structure that is ideally aligned to business requirements. Automating one process is good. Optimising the entire system is better.

The maturity level of an IT process serves as an indicator of where action is needed. Relevant process KPIs also reveal acute points of conflict in service chains: Are processes too slow, incorrectly assigned, do they achieve their goals or are they circumvented? Comparisons with KPIs of other organisations open up perspectives as to how IT management can meaningfully optimise its services and where the best route between effort and risk lies.

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